i don't want your ranch dressing ruining my country

my name is maggie


mostly nature


mostly nature
Anonymous: You've never had a boyfriend?!

haha surpising but yes i’ve never have had a boyfriend

boys think im gross and ugly

Anonymous: Any advice on how to get a guy's attention? I dated the same guy for 4 years and now I have no idea how to get a date..

put yourself out there. you have to make sure people know that you’re available. i’m not really the best at getting a guys attention or any advice around guys because i’ve never had a boyfriend or anyone to really call “mine.” but just put yourself out there, make new friends with guys, and just overall be friendly. 

Anonymous: what song are you playing

sleeping limbs- from indian lakes

Anonymous: So there this guy and I know he's real because I've talked to him at school. Okay so he always texts me and flirts and is super sweet and he always makes plans with me. Then like an hour before our plans he just stops talking to me and so the plans don't happen. Then the next day he texts me and acts like nothing happened and I just don't know if its worth it and what should I do?

you should talk to him and be like “yo this isn’t cool man.” honestly, if i was in your position, i’d be angry. but i’m sure theres a reason behind it happening. maybe he’s super awkward and nervous. you just have to talk to him about it and see if he feels the same way about you as you feel about him. 

Anonymous: i feel the same as the other anon except the problem for me is my mom. i don't want to go into details about it but i feel like the day im leaving for college is so far away and i can't stand it. im only a sophomore right now and there's still more than two years that i have to live through this.

maybe you should try and make things right with your mom. i’m not really sure whats going on, but there is always a solution. promise you that. 

Anonymous: Well honestly, I kind of just want to die. Like I've never actually admitted it before, but I've been sitting here and realizing that I want to be dead.

heyo no don’t talk like that. i know things are hard right now, i but i promise you, things will get better. i felt the same way for a while. you just have to find a way to be positive in life. don’t put your happiness in people because people always seem to leave. find a way to be happy and invest your happiness in something that wont leave. for me, that thing is music. but i promise you, things will get better in time. hang in there, and if you or anyone else who is reading this needs anyone to talk to or vent to ,my inbox is always open. please do not hesitate to message me. i’m here for all of you. hang in there.